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This is your 2020 check in: Accountability

Updated: Feb 9

How is your 2020 going? Really! HOW IS IT GOING? Is it the same as 2019 or did you level up and figure your sh*t out? Reality. Most people set some form of goal or something as the New Year comes and goes but how many actually execute? Statistics say 20% stick with it which honestly isn’t too bad but that also means 80% fail. Let’s flash forward to the end of 2020. It’s December, and you continually think 2021 is where it’s at. Tomorrow is going to be better. Next week will be great. My advice to you is to STOP IT! If this is how you think, you are losing so much time. You are robbing yourself of happiness. You are delaying changing your life. And I’ll also tell you, you don’t deserve to self-sabotage yourself like that! I am such a quote queen. A few of my favorites that pertain to what I’m getting at are “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And last but not least, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

What I am getting at is think…think reallllllly hard about what you want in life. What will bring you happiness? Define this as 1-2 things and write them down. Then, what you do is align everything you do to meet that goal and do it every day. Easy Example. This is common, I want to lose weight. Small daily goals – eat a little less than you normally do, move around a little more. This doesn’t have to be difficult! People tend to overthink everything but it can be that simple. Another example. I want to pay off my student loans quicker {Since, I’ve done this I’ve been asked how I did it and it was really quite simple}. Resolution: Pay more every month to the principle balance and cut out unnecessary spending. Yes, this isn’t fun. But I was thinking long term. You get rewards from doing the things that suck. I learned this and discussed it in one of my blog posts on what I learned through 3 years sober: Sacrifice eating out lunch every day and bring your lunch. If that is $10/day you have an extra $200 / month to pay towards the principle! This may not be easy for some but it’s called discipline. You need to evaluate what you want MOST rather than what you want NOW. Practice and implementing discipline can really change your life, your work ethic and your results tremendously. Consider it a muscle and work that sh*t out as much as possible!

So, with January coming to a close in a few days, are you off to the right start? Are you REALLY doing what you NEED to do to accomplish what you want? I hear people talk about wanting to change X about them or their situation but continue down the same path or rationalize destructive behavior that doesn’t lead them to X.

Be honest with yourself. No need to lie to you. Being truthful and honest with yourself and also dealing with your issues will lead you to an authentic life. I remember the first time I was truly honest with myself. I came out of the closet at 25. The second time? I admitted I had a huge alcohol problem and at 29 decided enough is enough. I am now 33 and always striving to get better but FIRST it comes with honesty. So here is the game plan (keep reading – the GAYME plan is good! See what I did there? ;))

Game Plan:

First, check out my post on change. It’s insightful and can really help you organize your goals so you CAN achieve them:

Second, write down your opportunities. Did you notice I said YOUR opportunities? Not what your boyfriend wants, your boss wants, your mom wants…BUT WHAT YOU WANT! Keep them with 1-2 things that you truly want to accomplish.

Put these 1-2 opportunities in your cube at work, in your car and mother f***in’ tape them to your bathroom mirror (Guilty! Done this) and think about your daily decisions. Are you doing what aligns you with these things that you say you ‘truly’ want? If not, stop doing those things. Better yet, do things that ALIGN with once again, what you say, you truly want.

What I will do for you, is check back in 90 days. Let’s just call this the 90-day challenge. You can keep this between you and you or if you want to, tell a close friend or someone that can help hold you accountable.

We as humans are super powerful and it’s important to believe that. Change for the good is possible but you want to really desire it, sprinkle in discipline, set goals by writing them down and then (THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE!!!) hold yourself accountable to them.

I look forward to following up on this and will do my part at the end April! Any feedback, questions or requests for content email me at

Once again, I wrote a great post on change. This can really help you smash this 90-day challenge. I highly recommend it. It’s not a sexy post but knowledge is sexy. Here is the link, be sure to check it out!

Remember, bald Britney from 2007 survived and lives on thriving. You can too <3

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