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The Bigger the Mountain, the Bigger the Reward

Here is your daily motivation! Before we fear the steps we want to take in our life, we should always look back at what we have accomplished. I was watching this show and what this one character said really stuck with me. Like FOR REAL! It was amazing life perspective. Are you ready for it!?

She said “I know you want to climb this mountain and are scared to do it BUT think about all the mountains you have already climbed and how scary they were when you first started.” Like wow! I was blown away. I soaked in everything she was saying and put myself in this position. I have big goals. Like huge. I’m always setting them and they seem to continually get bigger and bigger. Frankly, they scare the sh*t out of me. The things that scare you, do them. They have the best reward. What this comment really made me think about was some of the things I’ve accomplish that were terrifying AF (AF x 10). My biggest feat was my sobriety. Like wow! If I could stay sober over 3 years, say no to a ton of things, cope differently, refuse alcohol at all costs, go into isolation mode for a while, change my thought process, keep my discipline as “no this is something that cannot be in my life” and reorganize my entire life – I now feel like I can do anything out there.

What are some things you’ve done that you never thought you could do?

These can be big things or little things. I was watching Gary Vee the other day and he said “The scary sh*t is scary until you actually do it. Then it’s not so scary!” I total relate to that. I went with a friend to a Ted Talk workshop and she got up in front of people to share her fears and some of her story. She then sits down next to me and says ‘YOUR TURN SAM!’

I had no intentions of getting up there and speaking at all. Not one bit. But then I sat there and thought about if for 30 seconds and decided to raise my hand and go up there. Younger Sam had a “sh*t your pants” fear of public speaking. I think most people do but with being taunted for my younger, girly voice and being bullied beyond belief I was scared to speak up. I’ve had enough practice leading a team at work and knew that it’s important to do things that scare the hell out of us. Part of me hopping up there to talk was totally my ego! If my friend wouldn’t have nudged me, I would have done it. I was like there is no way in hell I can sit here and just ignore the call out. I had to get up there. So, I got up there spoke my truth in confidence and when I sat down, I was rushed with adrenaline and excitement. It was totally a fun experience! "The magic happens when we step outside our comfort zone."

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Don’t get in your own way

Often times we are our own worst enemies. Whether it’s someone’s opinion, fear or self-doubt, we get in the way of our dreams and our success. Easier said than done but get out of your head and go get what you want! This takes practice and to initiate the first step is scary AF but when you take it, it’s pretty exciting! Just like with anything it takes some reps. Put in the reps of doing so and it becomes easier with time. Remember others are always going to have an opinion of you but it’s important to remember that the opinions will come no matter what it is that you do. Don’t let these irrelevant opinions control your life. As people get older, they tend to regret the things they didn’t do rather than the things they went out there and owned. Go own your success just as one would own their doubt and their fear!!

In conclusion, I hope you found value in this message! Before you get scared to go climb a new mountain, remember all the mountains you’ve already climbed. Remember all the times you conquered something you thought were not possible and go out there and live the life you were meant to live.

I believe in you. I am here for you. One step at a time you are closer to living your own authentic, successful life!

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Thank you to everyone that follows along – you continue to light this fire under my A$$ to make this stuff happen!



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