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Just call me Oprah - a few of my favorite things! (AKA My Favorite Health Supplements)

Updated: Mar 13

Oh dear Lord have I taken a lot of supplements. To be clear, no drugs. Body is all natural and built off gym, sweat and tears (and lots of food). When I say supplements, I mean vitamins, natural and holistic supplements, protein, BCAAs etc. When I post about supplements I always get asked “What does that do?” or “Should I take that?” and my response is always well “What are your goals?” Not every supplement is for everyone and the point of taking one is to accomplish a certain thing. I take many ones for different reasons or I have supplements on stand by for certain occasions (ex. I’m getting sick, I hurt myself in the gym etc.). First and foremost, DO NOT think they are a magic bullet. I will continue to say that there are no magic bullets but supplements can be of assistance in helping to fast track one’s health. Some people think they are bull shit and some are but I am firm believer in the power of the RIGHT supplements because there is a ton of crap out there also.

Disclaimer: Still not a doctor. Won’t be a doctor. Don’t want to be a doctor. This advice is more of a review as to what has worked for me and what has gotten me results. Period. Everyone is different but how I came across these hacks is from recommendations or collaborations with other Wellness Experts and am writing about them because of the success I have personally had. There will be more posts to come on this but I wanted to keep it brief, simple and not overwhelming in the sense.

Skin & Immunity

My first supplement of choice is good ole Vitamin C. What really drew me to this in all honesty is what it does for the skin. Vitamin C can help brighten the skin and help give a natural glow. I take a supplement in the morning on an empty stomach daily to get dat skin rightttt. If you don’t want to take a supplement, drink some warm water and squeeze a lemon in it first thing in the morning and enjoy on an empty stomach. This will also give you a burst of energy! I do the supplement and the lemon water thing every morning. Why? Because I’m an extreme person! Ha! I know those that know me are reading this and completely shocked (not ). Vitamin C is also great at keeping your immune system healthy and aiding in muscle recovery. Through research this is a top pick among most experts.

Gut Health

Now this my friends, is very important. It affects so many parts of your life it’s important to make sure you are taking care of this. My favorite way to keep your gut healthy and in peak performance is to take a probiotic. I actually found a great article that helps dive into this more! It discusses signs of an unhealthy gut and then also even provides ways to help heal the gut. Probiotics, being one of them! Check it out:


Man! You cannot put a price on a healthy and a good night’s sleep! Am I right? When you are well rested you perform better at everything. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. When I get a bad night’s sleep, my body produces more cortisol, I’m irritable and cranky, drink way too much caffeine and might even skip a workout or neglect my healthy, daily routine. Have you seen my blog post on sleep? Check it out here!

Anyways, I believe I mention in that article above as well but magnesium is a great bedtime supplement! I drink it before bed every night and it doesn’t knock me out but helps me stay in a deep sleep all night. Magnesium can also help with depression; help regulate blood pressure and also be anti-inflammatory among many other things. This is one of my favorite bedtime hacks that really helps me wind down and sleep well from a busy, stressful day. Here is another great link that references all the benefits of magnesium:

Supplement Take Away

Supplements are just that. Supplements! They aren’t the end all be all but they can assist individuals that have certain areas they want to improve on or target. These above supplements have worked for me but may not work for everyone. Once again, I’m not a doctor and if you struggle from some major issues, you might want to go see one.

I hope you all found value in this post and get out there and try some things that your body will thank you for!!

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Here are the exact and specific supplements I used and mention in this article, right from my cupboard!

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