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Strong Mindset During the Madness

Updated: May 22

It’s such an interesting time. We are legitimately living in history. At first, I was looking forward to working from home and being distant from people. It’s the introvert in me. I am intrinsically motivated and thinking how great this could be to have some flexibility and free up some of my time. Plus, a little at home peace and quiet never hurt anyone. I know, you may be surprised that I called myself an introvert but I am somewhat. I have my extrovert moments but keeping to myself does bring me bliss. It brings me peace. And it allows me to reset – physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. During this first week of quarantine, working from home and very limited interaction, I discovered a few things. I think we are all learning more about ourselves, what makes us tick and what to be grateful for. In this blog post, I am going to share some of realizations and feedback on how to fill up our different cups that may seem empty or crazy or not balanced during a time like now.

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Person to Person Interaction is a must

I truly didn’t realize how important it was for me to interact with my work team and people. I always thought I was more of an introvert than I actually am. Human interaction to me is very important. It helps fill up my bucket and is a necessity to keep me going and to keep my sanity. With that said, it’s an opportunity to also get more creative! I haven’t been a huge proponent of facetime but I have been using it more to connect with my team. I think it’s important we are there for each other and really make it a point to connect with more people from our home and safe spaces than ever before. Back to being an introvert, when I would have a normal work day at the office I would interact all day and with a lot of people so by the time I get home I am drained and eager to disconnect from everyone and everything for the rest of the night. I am literally ZAPPED every night. Now I am noticing a more protective shield over my energy. I’m not as drained at the end of the day and my willingness and desire to interact is much greater. I am enjoying this pivot and using it as a way to try new things, stay up later and connect with a variety of people from my teammates, to my family more and to other bloggers!

Social Media Consumption at an all-time high

With being constrained to our homes and being able to go to limited places, I feel like I am on social media now more than ever. This is a double-edged sword. It allows me to put out more content and positive messaging but I cannot allow it to consume me. I have made it a goal to do 2 things every day to make sure I am not spending my entire day behind the screen (I think everyone can truly benefit from this!). First around lunch time, I am taking a walk. I am getting outdoors. I am soaking up some sun. I am embracing the lunch break and going out with no phone and my dog and Adam to get some fresh air and some exercise. It’s so important during this time to find a way to disconnect and enjoy the real world or nature if we are allowed to do so. The second thing I do is make sure I am disconnecting for at least 1 hour a day. This means no phone, no computer, no technology. I usually do this when I’m making lunch or dinner or doing some house work but I think it’s important to continue and limit our social media consumption. Because it’s just that – social MEDIA. It’s not real life. Try these 2 things and I’m sure you will find more daily happiness and balance. What I have also realized is that breaking up my day more, leaves me having more energy in the evening. This is when I can listen to that podcast, read that book or home cook a healthy meal. When we are all back to normal and back to work, I am 100% going to implement this into my daily routine. It’s a must!

Self-care is critical, anxiety is inevitable

Now is the time to self-care your FACE OFF!! Make this the ultimate habit. Now before the pandemic, I made sure to consistently practice this. It’s so important to take care of YOU. Manage that stress. Decrease that anxiety. With working from home and being trapped in one spot, we’ve all seemed to get a little more time on our hands. With that time, take care of your mind, body and soul. YOU will thank YOU for doing so. Some of my favorite self-care practices are guided meditation (check out YouTube for this!), infrared sauna (, a magnesium salt bath, face masks, breathing exercises etc. There are a ton of ways to make yourself feel good and I’ll tell you having something like this in my routine, helps me relieve stress and anxiety so quickly. This is critical for a well-rounded healthy balance. We’ve all seen the picture about charging our phones and not forgetting to recharge ourselves – self-care is how you recharge yourself!

I have also posted about my morning and evening routines. See links below! I am a very routine oriented guy and this has helped me a lot with elevating that health and keeping my mind right. How you start and finish your day is very important. Let’s make sure its off to the right foot!

Morning Routine:

Evening Routine:

An opportunity to explore different avenues

We as humans tend to focus on what we are missing or don’t have rather than the things that are going right. Now don’t get me wrong, just as the next person I get caught up in this as well from time to time. That is also why I love starting my day with writing down everything I am grateful for. If you never celebrate the positive, you will never be happy or have enough. I am taking advantage right now of my new found time. I am listening to more podcasts, reading more books, writing more content and creating more videos. I am going to challenge you to ask yourself this – What is something you have put off because you used the time excuse? I once again look at this a little differently, I don’t say I don’t have time. I think – I didn’t make time for ______ instead. What in the past did you not make time for? Cooking your own healthy meals? Working out? Starting your own blog? Reconnecting with an old friend? Now that life is on pause – NOW IS THE TIME to catch up on stuff you put off. I think it’s a perfect time to explore different avenues and embrace self-improvement and self-discovery. As we get older, we all realize that time is our biggest asset. It’s more important than money, more important than material things and can flash right before your eyes. This can help translate these newly explored avenues into healthy future habits – it’s a WIN, WIN!

What are you doing to connect with your circle during this time?

How can you regulate social media consumption and not fall to the trap of being glued to the screen all day?

What are your favorite forms of self-care?

What is something new you are going to try right now?

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Go out there and BE GREAT!!

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