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Some people ask, "How are you so motivated everyday?" Step 1: Start your morning with preparation!

Updated: May 28

Motivation comes and goes really. I've always been wired to have some motivation but there are certain things I think are crucially important to do everyday to help get your mind in that space. Let me paint a negative impact example. The 'Old Sam' used to hit the snooze on the alarm, skip workouts, check social media or emails first thing in the morning while chugging coffee before hydrating. How can this affect my morning? Greatly! And not in a good way. Seeing an irritating email or not getting my good endorphins going first thing in the morning can offset my day. It can put me in a negative head space and has been proven to make me more irritable. This got me thinking...hard. If skipping workouts in the morning, checking social media or emails was causing me to derail my morning, I needed to rewire and reprogram how I start my day. In this post, I share my secrets to how I start every single morning and the purpose behind doing so. If you start your morning right and feel like you can then conquer anything - guess what!? YOU'RE RIGHT!

The Regimen Purpose: To start my day off the right way mentally and physically! To me, having a strong mindset is most critical. How you look at things is so important to having a successful day. I refuse to look at things negatively. I either win the day or I learn from the day. Here are my must have routine tips I do consistently every single day. If you feel good, you perform good. If you feel good, you are happier. If you feel good, you dominate the day and get one step closer to your goals and success!

I've recently created this into a 8 minute YouTube Video! Check it out here and let me know what you think:

Early Wake Up Call Time: 5:30 AM

Ritual 1: Do not look at technology, emails or social media.

Purpose: Start the day calm, low stress and free from the world we are ALWAYS connected too. Disconnecting is a thing and can do wonders for your mental space. Most humans are connected to their phones, emails or social media all day - the goal is to start your day in peace and tranquility before you make that connection.

Ritual 2: Warm, fresh, lemon water with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt

Purpose: It kicks up your digestion, gives you vitamin C for your immune system, wakes you up and brightens up your skin. The salt helps replenish electrolytes. This to me is a no brainer! It tends to give me a jolt of energy and did I mention - its GREAT FOR YOUR SKIN!?

Ritual 3: Spirulina Supplementation – 6 tablets (This will depend on the brand)

Purpose: Such a powerful antioxidant! Great for inflammation and loaded with many vitamins, most of which give you energy (such as vitamin b). This is a supplement everyone should take, such a powerhouse! Something else great for the skin (and if you know me, I'm all about skin :))

Ritual 4: Black freshly brewed coffee, 2 cups + Outside Mediation + Expressing Gratitude

Purpose: Coffee gives me that kick of caffeine and is one thing I highly enjoy especially to immediately start my day. Not everyone is a coffee drinker and in that case a nice, warm cup of herbal tea could be a great substitute. The meditation and expressing gratitude in nature is extremely important. It makes you grateful for everything you have in life. It can be extreme or simple but it helps to put things in perspective and prevent you from getting tangled up in nonsense or things that’s really don’t matter. It’s also a good reminder to focus on what you have rather than you don’t have. If you focus on all the positives, life is more fulfilling. The small things we all get irritated or upset about seem to whither away because our lives are actually pretty damn good.

Ritual 5: Cleanse face + LED Skin Treatment + Moisturize

Purpose: Skin is in! Your skin is your largest organ and I take very good care of it from infrared sauna treatments, my dietary intake, cleansing regimen & special detox baths (more posts to come on this!). I wash my face in the morning and then use a red light led therapy treatment. Red light boosts collagen production and smooths over fine lines and wrinkles. It helps give your skin a glow and very smooth texture. I’ve been doing this for over 2 years and its worked wonders. Then I follow with some moisturizer my dermatologist recommended. Since I have oily skin, I use an oil free moisturizer.

Ritual 6: Weight lifting on an empty stomach.

Purpose: I do my workouts in the morning fasted with no breakfast or food. They typically last an hour to an hour and a half. The purpose of staying fasted is because you receive a testosterone boost. Working out in a fasted state allows HGH and testosterone to work in tandem providing the best environment for burning fat and building muscle. Plus I feel lighter and have more energy than when I used to eat before my workout. I drink Vegan BCAAs during my workout which are essentially no calorie to help fuel my muscles. This helps during the fasting state and tends to keep my appetite quenched until I am done and can eat.

Ritual 7: Carb + Protein + Creatine Post workout

Purpose: To fuel and replenish my muscles. I always have a banana post workout to get solid food and carbs in my system immediately. Then I have a shake that is gluten/dairy free egg white protein with 5g of creatine. A great post workout meal giving my body what it needs. Creatine is amazing to help build strength and increase muscle gains. If you are looking to add size and muscle creatine is one of the most research supplements on the market and comes highly recommended from many fitness, body building and wellness enthusiasts.

Now I understand this is a little militant and extreme! But it works for me and makes me feel so damn good. It took some practice but if you feel better don't you think anything is worth it? I do. To take small steps in the right direction, evaluate how you spend your morning. What do you do when you first wake up and what habits to you have that aren't conducive to the results you want? Make some small changes. You don't have to be extreme. The most important thing is that these changes are sustainable. Whatever you choose to move forward with you want to be excited to do it everyday! Example. Start your morning by drinking a full glass of water and telling yourself everything you're thankful for. Thats a HUGE step in the right direction and takes very minimal effort.

What are some morning ritual changes you are going to make? What are you grateful for today? (Don't be afraid to leave a comment in the section below :))

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