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Redefining Sobriety

Hello all.

I have been thinking A LOT about this topic. The negative connotations. The weird looks and comments. The unfair stereotypes around sobriety and addiction. How society can set us addicts up for failure.

It takes strength, humility, a sh*t ton of perseverance and going against the grain to get sober. You have to overcome a lot internally and externally and it is UNFAIR. With that said, life is unfair so be it.

I am here to help society redefine sobriety. It has to start somewhere. I am here to help our fellow brothers and sister addicts change their life and build a community. Because being sober IS ZA SH*T YA’LL! It has given me the best things in life. Happiness, finding myself, success, healthy relationships, peace of mind and so much more I don’t have the time to list it all. Sobriety is sexy. Sobriety is fulfilling. And sobriety is an amazing lifestyle. Do not believe otherwise because it’s simply not the truth.

Now to start! If you haven’t watched my video yet on 5 things that happened when I quit drinking, you should totally do that. I can easily think of 100+ but it helps to focus on what something GIVES you rather than what you feel like you are GIVING UP. It’s about perspective. Here is the video:

Sobriety is achievable if moderation is not

So we all know my story if you have followed me for awhile and this is the common story of many addicts, we have tried and failed to get sober SEVERAL times. Looking back, a big reason I failed is because I knew I couldn’t do it. If you think you can’t do something, you won’t do it. Period. You have to change your frame of thinking and be confident in your abilities. The last time I went into sobriety on 11-14-2016 I said NEVER again, I am going to figure this out and I will make it work. Then you take it one day at a time to change your entire life. Because it literally involves changing your ENTIRE life. It’s no joke. It requires work but the more work you put into it, the more success you have. Become obsessed with it. Become obsessed with self improvement. I’ve tried so many time to drink moderately and it’s just not my thing. I literally cannot do it. Some of us can’t control how much we drink. It’s an all or nothing mentality. And FORTUNATELY, yes I said fortunately, mine was a case of NOTHING. Why fortunate? Because getting sober gave me legit super powers and every single thing I wanted.

Sobriety Lifestyle is cool

Being sober is so damn cool. Like SUPER cool. It takes incredible will, discipline and strength and how is that not cool? It’s powerful to say ‘No, I don’t drink.’ And go against the grain. With time, you find your people, you find your supporters and now it’s not even a deal. Everyone close to me just knows. They don’t ask me if I want a drink, they respect my lifestyle and often time guess what? They think it’s pretty damn cool themselves. If you are entertaining a sober lifestyle one thing I love most about it is the clarity. You have clarity on your vision, your decisions and your life. And that in itself is extremely empowering. Say goodbye to the roller coasters, coming down and bouts of fuzziness. Not saying they are nonexistent but they are very rare compared to getting them every single week after that binge.

If you are thinking about the sober lifestyle, you are COOL. I think you’re cool & you deserve every bit of success accomplishing this.

"No thanks, I don't drink"

Sobriety is not limited to addicts only

You don’t have to have a problem to not drink. Sometimes it’s not peoples thing. I wish that was the case with me, it would have made things a little bit easier ;) but truth be told, nothing BAD ever came from not drinking. Nothing. Never. Ever. I will tell you what the common assumption is, “Not drinking is boring. I am going to miss out on so much!” And the reality is the opposite. You get your life back. No more hangovers, no more hours spent on partying and sleeping, much less regrets. I for once, feel like like I have control over my life and have gotten my life back. I can’t stress this enough but the right people fall into place but you have to be patient. As with everything, it doesn’t happen overnight. While we are on this topic I have another video I made that fits with this perfectly. This one is called, “Im sober not boring!”

Addicts are great people too

Yes we are!! Sometimes there is once again, negative connotations or stereotypes with addicts. Show some empathy and compassion for your fellow humans. Addicts are great people. They are powerless over their drug of choice and have trauma and past pain to recover from. I’ve met and connected with a lot of sober people or addicts that do things or have done things that they are not proud of but damn are they trying. Some are trying to support their family, fit in or have developed such hurtful coping mechanisms they don’t know any other way until they are shown the light. I talk a lot about control over our lives and that we have it and this is true but some circumstances make it more difficult for people to just ‘will through’ it. They need help and resources that maybe they don’t have access too or can afford. Be kind. Be gentle. I am here to help show the light to those people. There is a way out and sometimes that way is through. Through all the hell you’ve gone through, reprograming how you see the world, your thoughts and dealing with your past sh*t.

Hang in there, follow along and remember we are in this together.

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