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It starts with ONE!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to pop in here and send you a quick message. A quick pick me up and lay out that perspective for ya’ll.

You ready for it? Every single thing you do, everything you want to achieve, every goal, every thought, every action…starts with ONE. It’s starts with doing it the first time then continuously making the decision to do it again. Period. End of story. That’s how it works!

Once you do it that first time, you can then decide to do it again. It’s your choice. After you do that one thing, one time, I want you to then ask yourself 2 things. 1. How did it make you feel? 2. Does it move your towards the big picture, the big goal?

Here is where the hard part comes. Some people say it’s starting and that is somewhat true but the hard part is consistency. Doing this one thing every day or every week over and over and over and over again. Even when you don’t want to or even when it’s hard or you’re tired. That is where SUCCESS lies. Anyone can do one thing one time but the real challenge is doing it over and over again. If you want this BIG goal or even a small goal consistency is what will get you there.

In one post, I shared my favorite 5 key elements to success. I mean, who can argue the importance of these 5 things:

  • Discipline

  • Consistency

  • Habits

  • Balance

  • Sacrifice

So, back to the importance of this post. Everything in life starts with one. The other day I was talking to a coworker about when I first went to a gym around 15 years ago. I had square bony knees and twig arms. I went and lifted my first weights and just wasn’t that into it. I was out of my element and felt like I didn’t belong. It took many times, consistency, lifestyle adjusting and figuring out what I really wanted to accomplish. I had to then fall in love with the process. Now, many years later is it part of my life! It’s not an optional thing I choose to do. It’s just like brushing my teeth in the morning. I brush my teeth then head to the gym, no questions asked. Not only does it help me maintain physical health but I LOVE going for mental health too. Puts my head in the right space to be uber productive.

Here is another example, so for my career I lead a sales team and am bringing on new team members and coaching all the time. At the beginning of of the year, I added a new member to the team and she was brand new to sales. She didn’t understand the process and long story short worked her previous position waiting tables. She failed in the beginning. I mean, she failed hard. But she always got back up and took the direction given. I will never forget the first time she asked for the customers business on the phone. I was so happy and proud of her! Legit probably teared up. FYI that is sales 101, you always ask for the biz :) That first time is always the hardest if you aren’t used to it. She was sweating and nervous and it can be completely uncomfortable but by hell she did it. She didn’t hit goal that month and actually didn’t even come close BUT she never gave up and continued getting better each day. After that call, she continue asking for the business and for the last 6 months has completely excelled at her job and is doing phenomenal! All of it started by doing doing that one thing, one time. Once you do that, you continue doing it and perfecting with time.

Today’s message: Get out there start with ONE! That’s all it takes. You may fail miserably or you may start a new lifelong journey and completely change the trajectory of your life.

“I never lose. I either win or I learn”. > Favorite quote ever

Make it a great night everyone!

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