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Updated: Jan 1

The Regimen Purpose: To end the day on a healthy note and maximize sleep and the recovery process. Just like starting your day is critical, so is how you end it. A few of the most important things I like to end my day are below but for me ending it mentally fit, is the utmost important. I like to feel like I’ve had a successful day and go to bed happy and at peace. It’s important to let go of the daily frustrations, resentments and shortcomings so they do not carry over into the next day.

Recovery and stress management have become super important to me. Working on emotional intelligence and managing your reaction to stress can decrease anxiety, improve sleep and overall quality of life. I’ve noticed when I respond to stress intensely or reactively it really runs my mind and body down. Improving emotional intelligence has really helped manage this as you don’t absorb other’s energies or let their reactions affect your well-being. If you let anyone rob you of your day or your mood – it’s 100% your fault. Stress and things beyond your control are inevitable. How you respond to these situations is more important than the situations themselves.

Here are some of my favorite hacks that help me physically & mentally recover, stress relief and dive head first (literally!) into the sleep zone. I typically do all of these hacks every night. Once again, consistency is key – you’ll hear me talk a lot about this! I know it’s a high maintenance regimen (that’s me! :)) but pick and choose what works well for you. Disclaimer: I am still not a doctor and never will be. I make suggestions and recommendations based on what I love and what works for me. I do have an extensive background in wellness and a degree in Kinesiology. My true passion is wellness and maximizing your health! Hope you enjoy these solid wellness hacks I use and live by. Side note: I do have an entire post on my morning regimen as well! Please check it out (Titled: Some people ask, "How are you so motivated everyday?" Step 1: Start your morning with preparation!)

Hack 1: Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

The Purpose: Get a deep, cellular sweat from the best infrared on the market. I have the portable infrared sauna called the Solo system. When I get in there for 30 minutes, it’s very comfortable and relaxing. I exit dripping sweat that is super thick and full of toxins – an oilier sweat. With the pure Sunlighten infrared, it helps my muscles recover quicker from a workout, boosts my circulation, helps my skin to get a natural glow from within and helps me to sleep like a baby. This is a great addition to my nightly de-stress routine and I love it! Every single time I use this IR sauna at night, I hit the pillow and fall into a deep sleep. It works and it works very well.

Hack 2: Chlorella Supplement taken an hour after dinner

The Purpose: Numerous health benefits! It binds to heavy metals and helps your body detox, has omega-3s, fiber, iron, vitamin c, powerful antioxidant and can even help with blood sugar levels. Rumor has it, it helps that skin GLOW too! Spirulina (see my morning routine referenced above) and Chlorella are under used, under talked about and truly powerhouse supplements! Google that sh*t and you will find a lot about them. As always, quality is very important when it comes to picking out supplements. Check out the reviews, ratings and dig into the research.

Hack 3: Exfoliate face (2-3 times/ week) + LED Blue light if needed + More Moisturizer(!!)

The Purpose: I always book end my day with a good facial skin cleaning. Your skin picks up stuff throughout the day and it’s important to clean it off before you hit the pillow! The exfoliation helps to remove dead skins cells and smooth out your skin. I exfoliate 2-3 times per week! On the days I do not, I simply wash my face with my cleanser I normally use. My blue LED light I’ve had for a couple years helps to target any pimples and reduce the bacteria. It really plays a huge role in zapping pimples quickly. You can find this light therapy and the red light (mentioned in my morning routine) at Sunlighten as well. Then I finish with more moisturizer. A year ago I never moisturized until I saw a dermatologist. She said if I don’t moisturize I will continually look older and that my skin will produce more oil because I’m not giving it the moisture enough. That sold me on using the product and never skipped a day since! Since I have naturally oily skin, I purchase an oil free moisturizer to use and it works well.

Hack 4: Herbal Nighttime or Chamomile Tea

The Purpose: To reduce inflammation, help with stress/anxiety and treat insomnia. This helps put your mind and body in total relaxation. Extra great in the winter! Natural herbs in teas are really good for you too. Call me an old lady, but she loves her tea!!! <3

Hack 5: Magnesium Supplement

The Purpose: This has been a real GAME CHANGER for me! This doesn’t cause me to fall asleep immediately like the other natural remedies but it keeps me in a deep, high quality sleep every single night. Since taking this, I’ve noticed my sleep patterns have immensely improved. I am not tossing and turning. I am not waking up anymore. I am getting up when my alarm goes off and feel super refreshed! It also does well for digestions, helping to keep your body regular. With that said, use with caution! Too much can cause you to run to the bathroom. I would work your way up to the daily recommended dose. My favorite brand of choice is Natural Vitality “Natural Calm.” It’s a delicious powder that you mix into a drink right before bedtime!

I am all about routines and healthy habits! I think it’s so simple. Build in healthy habits that make you feel good, make you elevate your health/life and then in turn you are more productive, you sleep better and have a more fulfilling day. Then you wash, rinse and repeat. I hope you all enjoyed this post and would love for you to invite your friends to subscribe with their email and check out my content if you feel like they will enjoy it!! Make it a great day..or in this case, NIGHT!

What is your favorite nighttime routines?

What keeps you from sleeping well every night and how are you going to attempt to fix it through some wellness tweaks?

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