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How to come out of this STRONGER!

Updated: May 9

I can. I will. I am.

So much power in these statements. I am strong. I can get through this. I will do that extra task. Be very aware of how you talk to yourself, my friends.

Sam, here! We are living in history, confined to our own spaces and consumed with our thought’s day in and day out. I am feeling extremely inspired, jacked and ready to come out to the world post COVID stronger, better, smarter, faster, EVERYTHING. Some days are not as easy as others but it’s all about how you talk to yourself. The communication between you, yourself and your thoughts is crucial. It helps me to write it down, leave myself notes everywhere and be cautious of my thoughts. Sometimes we all need that visual reminder. In this quick little blog post I am going to share with you some tips I think will help you come out of this stronger. I am going to keep it simple and to the point. So buckle up and soak it in – have I mentioned I’m pretty jacked and inspired right now? Ok – good!

Step 1 – Evaluation

First, you need to dive a little deeper. What brings you joy? If the world were normal again, what are things you like to do? What would you be doing right now? These are things that keep your mind, body and soul right. It’s time to get creative. For me, I love to exercise. Not only does it make me feel good physically but also mentally, improves my sleep, gives me great endorphins etc. This is something I know to be true about myself. I ensure I get this in everyday. It doesn’t look like the traditional Pre-Covid routine but the goal is to move my body, sweat and get my heart rate up.

Step 2 – Make a daily list (DO THIS! DO THIS! DO THIS!)

Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t execute on this. Make a list of a few things you will do each day that bring you this said joy. I have a list of 4 things that I do every single day. And guess what? After I do them, I feel so damn good. That’s the positive reinforcement I need. It works. It helps me elevate my happiness, be more productive and also be namaste’d AF :)

I dive more into my 4 things here in my YouTube video! Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications. (Let me know what videos YOU want to see at )

Check out my 4th YouTube Video on how these 4 habits can CHANGE your life!

Step 3 – Accountability with Like Minded People

We all need a little social connection right now. What has helped me is connecting with like-minded people and friends that want the same thing and have the same lifestyle, goals and drive that I do. This has been a true GAME CHANGER! We all know those Rockstar studs out there and I love connecting with them! This is where you get the extra motivation, the encouragement and think of great ideas for the future. I promise you; your future self will thank you for this. Connect! Connect! Connect! (But make sure it’s the right crew)

A few examples I have of this is I am strongly connected to a friend who I talk to every week. We have the same vision and thoughts and when I am done connecting with her, I leave INSPIRED! It feeds into a new type of energy. It allows us to collaborate our thoughts and nail down our vision. We help each other out. Another example, is I am going to be working with a few people from work on starting a book club. We are going to knock out books that inspire us and then have a zoom call to discuss. I’m super excited about this one and it falls on 1 of the 4 daily goals I have. Don’t forget to check out that YouTube Video here:

Take control. You can change your life; you can move some important puzzle pieces around and when you feel the change and see the difference you will ultimately come to the conclusion it was worth it.

I want to hear from YOU!

I’ve been doing this for a while now, it’ll be a year before you know it! I want to know what you want to see? What topics do you want me to cover? What programs, coaching or accountability would you pay for? What products or services do you want?

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If you haven’t heard this yet, you are great. You can do great things. Step 1: Believing you are worthy of greatness.

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