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Hitting Rock Bottom & Rebuilding Your Life

What is it?

Rock bottom is something we’ve all heard of but what is it and how can you dissect this to look at it as a GOOD thing? Rock bottom ultimately is a low point. Well actually, it’s the lowest point you can possibly have. When I look back at my life and experience, I’ve had several rock bottoms but I’ve also had ‘mini rock bottoms’ that are very comparable to that of red flags. If you address the ‘mini rock bottoms’ first, you can prevent hitting the ultimate low but it requires honesty with yourself and a huge amount of self-awareness. Truth be told, I was in total denial I had a drinking problem. That’s very common and often times people rationalize their behavior. I am 1000% guilty of this. “Oh! I’m in college, it’s totes normal to drink this much!” Or, “Classy, boujee people drink wine. I am classy and boujee.” Hell! I’ve said it all. The point is how much is TOO MUCH am how many things have to happen before it is ENOUGH. I am not here to scold the drinkers. Not the point, not my jam. It’s your life, do what makes you happy. Alcohol caused me so much misery I had to say goodbye before I found out what the alternative would be. Many times, the party lifestyle and alcohol is glamorized and I am here, on this Earth, to show people you can have a beautiful, authentic and amazing life without it. Erase the stigma, abolish the stereotype and if you want to have a sober lifestyle, I am here for you. I will show you how f*!#&ing awesome it truly is!

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Low Points: 3 examples out of hundreds

I am going to start by tossing out several low points throughout my drinking history. This is really self-diagnosis and boils down to perspective. If you think there is nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong. I had to start being honest with myself to get sober and see the results I wanted. It all begins with honesty.

Low Point # 1: My first blackout.

I remember it quite well actually. Well, the aftermath. It was in high school and I was in a relationship with a girl. (Yikes - right!?) I knew it wasn’t right but of course I forced normalcy on myself and worked hard to cover up the real Sam. I drank vodka from the bottle at the age of 17, made a fool of myself, had to be carried home and don’t remember a thing except what I was told. This was a huge low point because it was the first official step and beginning of a huge problem.

Low Point # 2: DUI x 2, MIP x 2

I mean do you need to wave 100 red flags in front of my face at the same time. At this point, yes, and I still wouldn’t get it. At 22, I got my 2nd DUI and at that point I had at least 5 offenses with drinking and the law including 2 minor in possession of alochol. I understand mistakes happen. Getting a DUI doesn’t necessarily mean you have a drinking problem but getting 5 huge offenses and constantly running into issues that come about because of alcohol it was definitely time to evaluate. Alcohol was wreaking havoc on my life.

Low Point # 3: Drinking hard, alone and of the highest alcohol concentration.

This started towards the end of college and progressively got worse. Drinking hard vodka, in the morning, empty stomach, alone and in high quantities to numb the pain. Alcohol addiction is a progressive process and only gets worse. Enough said on this.

Small vs. Large

A rock bottom, a low point doesn’t have to be something so extreme. For me, I allowed it to get to the extreme level and ignored the early signs because in reality, I thought it was ‘normal’ behavior. A low point could be as simple as recognizing your relationship with drugs or alcohol. Can you manage it or does it manage you? Is it causing more harm than good in your life? A rock bottom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wind up bankrupt, homeless and on the streets. It could be simply acknowledging these behaviors. For me and all other addicts, drinking became a full time job. Covering it up, repairing relationship damage and hiding it. Sick of tired of being sick and tired never felt more real.

How can it propel you forward?

Man! Rock bottom can be more motivating than ever! The only difficult challenge is change is hard BUT if you change the right things, it can be the most rewarding. Have you heard (I’m sure you have!) “When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.” And that, my friends, is so true! When you have a low point use it as a turning point. It’s your new STARTING point. Your new normal if you will. This is where you can change your life but you have to truly believe that and make the changes to do so.

All this change talk reminds me of another blog I wrote: “Change is necessary for exceptional results”. Check it out here!

My advice on how to make the most out of a rock bottom and how to RISE UP, is that you have to put in the work and change your environment. The places you go, the things you do, the people you hang around with MUST change for you to be successful. Period. I am not here to sugar coat sh*t it but in reality to be successful through this evolution, you must put yourself in situations that allow you to be successful. A support system is crucial and necessary. If you want to join my new private Facebook group for support, I would love to have you. Here is the link:

This can help put you around the right people, the people going through what you are going through and the perfect energy for success. I will only allow uplifting, positive and life propelling conversation and provide you with a lot of articles, tips and value!

You could also go to AA or therapy but I promise you dealing with your issues and trauma is what will help you on a sobriety journey or even just to have a better life in general.

I’m leaving you with the below quote because it’s so true. If you are unhappy with where your life is at or want it to get better. You must embrace the change and the discomfort. If you are interested in working with me 1 on 1 or some coaching, please email me at

We are in this together <3

Use your rock bottom as an opportunity to rebuild your life!

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