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Get Shredded & Shred the Booze

My blog www.addictionofchoice.comwas founded on sobriety and my wellness journey. This blog is so much more than “You need to get sober, brah.” Because you may not need to, that’s 100% on you and your call. I will comment that nothing bad can come from it, so get that nonsense sh*t out of your head. Learning to experience the world, social situations and all the great things about life, sober, is completely beautiful. I will let you take that and do with it as you will.

Let’s talk about getting ripped. Let’s talk about losing weight. Let’s talk about feeling so damn good you can’t wait to wake up in the morning! That is possible. Why was passing up the bottle or even the occasional drink in regards to this so important? Because it does not do your body good. Period. Alcohol is a toxin. Alcohol does not react well with the body especially if you are trying to work towards health or fitness goals. Stop believing the lies about this! This is not me preaching but more so telling you about the reality. Alcohol messes with your metabolism, comes in the form of empty liquid calories and causes dehydrations and bloating. And can completely f*** up the mind. Adios serotonin. And see ya later motivation.

I remember very vividly how I felt after I had a binge drinking weekend. I woke up the next day very tired and had zero motivation for going to the gym so I didn’t. I was also very thirsty. I drank a ton of water but never felt like I was quenching my thirst. After some time, I could feel the water being held around my belly and in my face. The puffiness throughout my body was intense! After several hours, I would then start peeing every 10 minutes and finally lunch rolled around I was ready to eat but nothing healthy because my whole body and mind was out of whack. Since I didn’t make time the day before to prepare food, I would get a fat sandwich with loads of bread and chips. This made me thirstier so I continued to drink water and puff up. During that Monday, I lost motivation and by 6 pm I was ready for bed. Have you read my post about Sunday Funday binges and Monday’s being the worst? If not, check it out at this link! I loved writing this article. The choice to have an excellent Monday is YOURS and this will help you do just that.

So back to being shredded. PUT DOWN THE DRINK! Wanting to lose some weight? PUT DOWN THE DRINK! Want that glowing skin? PUT DOWN THE DRINK! Want to have more energy and just feel better? PUT DOWN THE DRINK! Even if you don’t want to live an alcohol-free life like I do, that’s okay. It can jump start your success in reaching your goals. I promise you that. If you grind out short term goals and sacrifice a little bit – even 30 days to a couple months, it can put you years ahead in life. IT. IS. WORTH. IT! You know what’s even better? You start to feel so damn good, have tons more energy, thinking clearly, sleeping better, you truly do not want to go back to your old or unhealthy habits.

One thing I always ask myself is “What do I want to accomplish today?” or “What do I want to accomplish this year?” Often times, what I want to accomplish requires sacrifice. So, when you sit and think about what you want to do with your goals, it doesn’t mean doing whatever you want. Sometimes you have to say no. No, I can’t eat that cookie. I’m trying to get in better shape. No, I can’t meet up tonight, I have to work on my side hustle to get it going so I can live the life I want to live. No, I can’t have that drink. I have an early workout in the morning and need great energy. Remember the quote, “Good things come to those to WORK THEIR ASSES OFF!” Period.

I did a little experiment with my Instagram (@samuelgegen) and let me share with you the results. First, I did a check in with how everyone’s 2020 was going because after the New Year most people set goals, right? 51% of 847 people responded that it wasn’t starting off on the right foot. My next post was my blog: advice on what to do to change it and holding those accountable for their own goals. Why? Because self-accountability is how you accomplish really anything. If you don’t own your sh*t you will not go very far. I was helping to provide people the road map to success and also offering to have a free 90 day check in! When it got to this post, I had 7 swipe ups, which mean a lot of people complained that their 2020 was not ideal but hardly anyone was interested in how they could change it. I wanted to say I was mind blown but I wasn’t. It’s easy to complain when something doesn’t go your way, it’s hard to actually do something about it. This was such a fun little experiment that went exactly how I thought it would go! I will continue to do more of these experiments and teach some more lessons along the way.

So back to the point of this post, if you want something SO BAD make the freaking sacrifice to get it otherwise it may not be as important as you think. Sorry for the harshness in this post but it’s the reality. Some of the things that made me MUCH better as a person, as a professional or as a partner, I didn’t want to hear. More often than not, it’s needed for exceptional growth.

Shred the Booze for Extreme Results (This is NOT just about physical gains)

Take a moment and think about your daily/weekly alcohol consumption. Take a moment to add up the calories and then think about the behaviors it affects and the distraction is has on the mind. For example, let say every Wednesday you go out with your girlfriends for happy hour. Maybe you limit yourself to 2-3 drinks only and head home at a reasonable hour. That’s not too bad right? Everyone needs some balance! Well let’s analyze the whole picture. You get home at a reasonable time but it’s still 1-2 hours after you normally go to bed. You wake up late, skip the gym and do not have any of your food prepared for the day. You get to work in a frantic rush and have puffy eyes because you are feeling a little tired and dehydrated. You order fast food take out for lunch and get home and are exhausted. You watch tv and then head to bed early to catch up on some sleep. When you look at the whole picture, you lost a whole day! Not only that but you were out of sync and out of routine with your habits that help you perform at a high level and make you tick. You missed your morning workout which sets the tone for the day and wakes you up, you didn’t bring your protein and veggies for lunch and you were short with your coworkers because you weren’t in the best mood. Those happy hours and drinks have more of an affect than you think.

The purpose of this post is to not scold anyone for having a different lifestyle than me. It’s about perspective. You want to accomplish some extreme, bad ass bish goals, you need to sacrifice. Sometimes a lot. This is a reminder that you daily actions, small or large, affect your future and affect your life. This is also a reminder that YOU have the power to change it. You want something, go f***in’ get it! Because you deserve it. You deserve success. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. You deserve money. You deserve it all. If you start believing that, you will be more inclined to take action to get it.

Are you up for the alcohol-free challenge? If so, how long? 30 days? 60 days?

*** If you don’t drink maybe it’s something else. What vices do you have that don’t align with your goals? Kick those vices and report back at

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