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Food Prep for the Lazy!

Howdy everyone! (Note to self: I will never say howdy again)

Due to popular request I just did a YouTube Video on how to easily food prep your meals. My goal is to make things short, sweet & to the point because honestly, they don’t have to be hard!

I don’t have hours of time to put into the kitchen. I work 50+ hours a week at my day job, I work 10-15 hours a week on content and I HAVE to sleep (it’s a MUST for me otherwise I’m super cranky - ask my team about this ;)). In this video, I share secrets to get it done quickly and suggestions on how to keep it healthy.

HERE is the LINK to the ‘Food Prep for the Lazy’ Video:

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My commitment: “To empower the individual & the mind to overcome setbacks, build strength mentally & physically to reach the end result, the goal, that one deserves.” Sam

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