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Feel Good Dieting - Featuring Taylor Chandler!

Blog Post Written by Taylor Chandler

One of the biggest myths we buy into on the way to our fitness goals is believing we MUST do tons of things we just do NOT want to do in order to get exactly what we want!

There is a better and much more satisfying way to go about getting to your dream body and overall health, and it all starts with your mind.

We can agree that diet + exercise is necessary, and most have heard that diet is even more important than how many days per week you’re working out, or how many hours you spend doing it. This is true! But you are NOT exiled to a life of food restrictions or confusing dieting rules. In order to be able to choose the eating habits you want to adopt for yourself, we have to forget the details of dieting for a moment and get down to what’s important.

Thoughts + Feelings.

The way we exercise and the way we eat heavily relies on our minds and our emotions. Do I feel better than I did before? Does it feel physically satisfying? Do I feel excited when I talk about my new routine? Do these routines and guidelines make logical sense to me? If you can say “YES” to these questions, you will be more likely to stick to it!

If you’ve chosen a diet that leaves you feeling dissatisfied, cranky, or it’s simply too frustrating to maintain for your lifestyle, you will be much less motivated to continue. Why aren’t you getting results? Why aren’t you thriving and loving it in the same way you’ve seen others? This may be because of (but not limited to) the difficulty integrating it into YOUR life, dieting principles you find irritating or confusing to follow, or physiological and chemical differences between your body and others. For example, some people do great and feel motivated by low carb diets and some find themselves feeling lethargic and cranky. This is not a personal defect, it is just a personal difference between how our minds and bodies respond.

When it comes to pure weight loss, research continues to prove the major factor is the simple question: are calories out greater than calories in. In other words: do I consume fewer calories than I burn? The method used to solve this problem is flexible.

That’s the good news! You don’t actually have to force yourself to love ONE particular solution. If you do find yourself forcing it over a long period of time, you may be entering the diet danger-zone. You may end up blaming the diet, but yet you still continue on an unsatisfying grind to the “finish,” wondering if at some point it will pay off. You will resent it the whole way, stirring up negative feelings and moods. You may even end up blaming yourself.

Huge red flag!!

Negative-self talk decreases motivation and raises the risk of increasing stress levels, which in turn leads to increasing cortisol levels (the “stress hormone”). This can unfortunately lead to your body hanging on to excess fat if you experience those feelings over an extended period. You may also begin consuming fattier foods due to stress-eating. A double-whammy. So… How can we relax and strive towards our body goals at the same time?

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself that will predict winning results:

  1. Do I want to eat this way?

  2. Do I feel good eating this way?

  3. Can I maintain this way of eating?

All of the answers to these questions should be “YES!” If not, review your options. Consult with a fitness pro or nutrition expert to help you evaluate your lifestyle, foods you like and don’t like, and reasonable adjustments you can make to help choose nutrition guidelines that work for you. There is not one magic bullet to losing weight, toning your body, or getting stronger. There are different combinations of foods and exercise regimes that have led people to success.

And here’s a trick that can save you a lot of time and frustration! When considering the maintenance question (#3), you should be able to imagine going through your next 3 weeks as planned (think: work trips, friends’ birthdays, events on the weekend) and still being able to stick to your new habits. You will spend more than 3 weeks eating that way to get the results you want, of course! But this is a good way to get a snapshot of the reality of your new decision.

In order to remain dedicated to a routine, we have to decide on it, commit to it, respond positively to it (getting results), and we have to enjoy it!

This journey can be simple, enjoyable, and effective. Reach out to me if you’ve been searching for the right guidelines that will fit your lifestyle and the results you want!

Written by Taylor Chandler

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


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