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Different Perspective: Stop believing the lies you're told & the lies in your head.

Man! What a crock of sh*t. Why are people constantly fed lies? People are constantly being told what they can’t do, what they can’t have and what they can’t achieve. A lot of times, people talk to themselves like that. That is one of the biggest forms of self-sabotage out there. If you change how you think and how you react to criticism you can do powerful things! The thoughts you have or the thoughts of others are not and will not be your reality. Period. To me and to most, this is something that happens at an early age. I have countless and countless of experiences being told something was impossible or something could not be done. This isn’t sending the right message to our children or our youngest generation. I hate being told I can’t do something. It fuels me. I use that fire to prove that I can do it (that is if I want it :)). This post is short, sweet and to the point. Below are lies I’ve been told and ya know what? Not a single one of them stopped me! ***Insert Lightning bolt emoji***. How you talk to yourself matters. Your dreams matter. Your goals matter. Anything is possible.

A very small example is I remember being told to always expect to have a house payment or rent and a car payment forever. It’s just part of bills, being an adult and growing up. Well I can happily say I remembered that and haven’t had a car payment in 4 years! I was determined to pay off the car early and keep the car I had to save money. Like I said, a very small example but an example nonetheless!

When I was in grade school, playing shirts and skins (hated being skins!). I was made fun of so much. Scrawny. Girly. Puny. Weak. “You will never have muscle fag.” Goes one kid. Now I’m 200 lbs and 6’2”. Years and years of dedication and the flashbacks of several of these instances motivated me beyond belief.

In 8th grade when someone told me I was put in the 800-meter dash because they needed a spot filled and that I would probably get last. Damn, kids are mean! I showed that person what’s up and did the race and ended up getting 3rd. I about passed out at the end, but I got 3rd and was out to prove that kid and the school wrong. I didn’t pace myself appropriately for the race because I started out too fast (hence the passing out piece) but I didn’t care. I was determined to at least not get last and give it my all even if I was just a stand in.

At my previous job, I couldn’t advance, move up or get a raise without a masters or PhD. I was told I wasn’t educated enough and would have to do grunt work for the rest of my career. Essentially all of the stuff no one wanted to do because they were all doctors or had a higher-level degree than I did. My old boss told me I would be good at sales. Took his advice, found a sales job, exceeded the position and now I earn a better financial living than my boss from 6 years ago because I worked my ass off. This is such a rewarding feeling to look back at where I started and how far I’ve come.

You won’t give up drinking. You can’t do that. That’s impossible! It’s part of your lifestyle, your identity, and it’s necessary for fun. Now I’m over 3 years sobers – BOOM! (Clearly there is much more to this story and is detailed in my first blog posts, check them out!). To date, this is my proudest and toughest accomplishment.

You will be paying on your student loans until you’re at least 60! Well, I graduated with a huge financial debt of $75,000 and didn’t have a great paying job immediately. I can proudly say that this week, at the age of 33 I made my last payment of student loans and become student debt free. Last fall I paid off Sallie Mae and have now tackled the rest of my federal loans. No debt feel so damn good and so freeing I can’t even describe how I feel!

This isn’t a post to talk about my accomplishments. This post is about mindset and grit. When someone tells you that you CAN’T do something or this is what your expectations should be, tell them to F*** off! Better yet, say nothing and then prove them wrong. Don’t believe the words you are told and the doubts others project onto you. Anything is possible. I truly believe that and the example above show you that I believe that because at one point, all these accomplishments felt impossible. You can win at anything you do and if you believe that and believe in yourself – ANY MOTHA F***ING THING IS POSSIBLE MY FRIENDS!!!!

What is something you’ve accomplished that you were originally told was something you couldn’t do?

Call to action: find pictures of your future. Of things you want to accomplish, goals and things that are important to you. Cut them out and paste them on a board – This is your VISION board! Put it somewhere that you can see it and create habits and do things daily that lead you one small step to reaching these things that are important to you.

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