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Change is necessary for exceptional results

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

If you change how you see the world, then it will change how you experience the world.

"The only constant in life is change."

In any given day, we all have at least one thing we can change about ourselves. Different lifestyle. Better bank account. More muscles. New job. You name it! The problem I see with most people is one of two things. They complain about it, then do nothing to change it. Or they try to change ten things at once. We need to practice and teach ourselves that we have way more control over the outcome of our life. Of course, there are circumstantial differences we all go through, but we have the ability to change things we do not like or work hard to get the things we want. I have accomplished several things I am really proud of. None of these things fell from the sky and right into my lap. I had to earn them. But one thing I did, and did it well, was work really hard on one or two things at a time. I would not add anything to my plate until I was really good at that skill or got what I wanted. Once I achieved what I needed to and built the other behavior into a habit, I then continued on to the next goal. When you focus on too many things at once you cannot achieve great success. When you complain about something you can absolutely change, well then, you are giving power to your excuse. One of my favorites sayings is nothing changes, if nothing changes. How simple and real can you get. Let me give you an example:

In sales, meeting your quota is crucial not only to professional goals, but to your livelihood as many sales jobs, like mine, are centered around commission-based pay. Early into my sales career, I had one of those teachable moments when I thought I was going to skate by going on vacation before the end of the month as I was at 95 percent of my revenue goal. However, when I came back from vacation, I learned that one of my deals fell through, leaving me with no bonus for the month. I hauled ass into my boss’ office to tell him how unfair this was, and I had no control over it. He looked at me calm and simply said “Sam, this happens to sellers and if you cared that much you would have worked harder to get more deals to close before your trip. This is a tough lesson but it will teach you a lot.” This was humbling and I looked at him and said “You’re right. This won’t happen again.” And you know what? It didn’t. I never put myself in a situation like that moving forward.

From that moment on I lived, breathed, and hustled my ass off to improve my sales and career. Not only did I start hitting my goal early, but I was blowing it out of the water. I would listen to sales podcasts, read articles on best closing tips, and relationship building etc. The best skill I learned was to dive into the uncomfortable. What could I do TODAY to make myself uncomfortable? This is an incredible motto to live by. Once I became very consistent, figured out the process, and persevered through challenging times, I was then promoted to a sales leader. This was a great step up and wouldn’t have come if I didn’t persevere through being told no, stumbling over sales calls and failing over and over and over again.

This is just one example of working really hard at minimal tasks at one time to achieve greatness in them and then once achieved, adding more to your plate. This doesn’t mean you can’t build better habits in other avenues but to get really good at something the focus and consistent repetition is necessary!

Now clearly there are short term and long-term goals that require a longer or shorter path to change. For me, this path was my health. Physical. Emotional. Mental. Health has so many meanings and you are allowed to view health as whatever is important to you! Health to me means being comfortable in your own skin, in your own thoughts and having a clear life balance that leads to happiness. I’ve always had a passion for health and wellness. It took me years to get to the spot I am in and it took a lot of work. It’s something I also spend a lot of time everyday continuing to work at! For so long, I worked a lot on physical health and fitness. My primary focus of recent, has been more of working on my mindset, emotional intelligence, stress management and recovery. Like I said earlier in this entry, I didn’t try and change all sorts of things at once. When I first started my wellness journey, I started to exercise a few days a week and try to eat better. You have to enjoy the process and continue to work on it daily. I’ve built in the workout and diet habits for so long I don’t even think of them anymore. It’s just part of my life! Now as I continue to elevate and work on my health, I hyper focus on other areas from my sleeping patterns, to detoxifying in my sauna, to managing my stress levels appropriately. My advice to you is write down a goal that is important to you. Then you break it down into several bullet points you need to do to reach the big goal. Start working on 1 at a time and build it as a habit in your life. I will show you by using my real-life example I am talking about – my health. You can even break down some of your habitual goals into sub categories.

See the chart below. Focus on one area that will help you improve the big goal. Being consistent is super important and when you have it down, you can work on something else. My wellness journey has been going on for over 14 years. It’s a marathon and it’s my passion. If I focused on too many areas at once I wouldn’t have achieved success. I would have experienced overwhelming failures and maybe would have given up. I definitely would have been derailed and taken off course. The purpose of focusing on one thing at a time helps you to build sustainability. Anyone can do something short term but the goal is to adopt it into your lifestyle for long term success.

Write this sh*t down and put it in your work space, your bathroom or bedroom. Somewhere where you can see it. Flaunt your goals and your mission in front of your face to remind you of want you want to accomplish. Those that write down their goals are so much more likely to achieve them. How important are they to you? Do you want to really achieve them or just talk about them? Take action!

What two aspects of your life would you like to change and why?

How would you approach changing these aspects?

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