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BLM & Pride - How can we make a difference?

2020 is halfway over and has been an interesting year so far to say the least. As we are a few days into Pride month, I want to use this as an opportunity to reflect on how we can help be the change in the country. Yes, I am very proud to be part of the LGBTQ community and have accepted it. I have faced my own struggles with it but have learned to love living my authentic Sam life that no one else can live but me.

With that said, I have faced personally my own discriminations as many have in this community but none of which have ever had to do with the color of my skin. I could never imagine being discriminated against or have had to live in the world today, and many many years ago, going through what people of color go through.

I am so sorry for the persecution this culture has endured and us as white people need to help our black peers as much as possible. White silence is causing more damage and pain than good and we need to keep fighting for our black friends.

I’ve had wonderful black team members; my best friend’s husband is black and also have black family members. I won’t talk much about this topic just because it’s not my wheelhouse and I do not ever want to give any misinformation but I will talk about how I am going to specifically help.

Social media posts and the conversations are great but as a united front everyone will need to take action so we can create a better United States. Here is what I will do personally and encourage everyone who is willing to join in.


It’s one of our biggest rights we have and it’s important that we all show up to polls. Before you vote, make sure you are registered. This is something we must all do in the 2020 election and every election moving forward. We must be the change.

Donating to Black Live Matter

Supporting a greater good. I will never know what it’s like to be black but I will support them to fight for equal rights. We have work to do.

Supporting The Trevor Project

This is a great organization and it combines pride with the black lives matter movement as you can donate to them, volunteer and also join the “We are here” movement.

Keep the foot on the gas

This is an issue that can’t be hyped up for a little bit and then die down. It’s important to be supportive, keep the foot on the gas and fight for the rights of all our citizens.

Thank you and let’s all keep the fight in us for what is right <3

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