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7 Day Social Media Detox - What I learned

Phew! So I became extremely overwhelmed. I work my day job that can suck my energy and my soul some days (but so gratifying as well) and do blogging and social media and YouTube on the side building a community, a safe place and a motivating platform. It became too much. Like melt down too much. So I stopped. I stopped for a week to see what it would be to come home from work and have all this extra time to myself. And guess what?


But not for reasons you may think. Only parts of it sucked. Mostly, it was refreshing.

When something stops or is taken away, you sometimes then realize its value and worth. I realized I enjoyed putting out content. My passion is helping people and connecting with those that have followed my journey and being fueled with their energy and inspiration. Yes, I am inspired greatly by those that have followed me. I love hearing from them and relishing in the success they have! It keeps me going. Keeps me going strong.

I am not denying that I was not overwhelmed because I was. However, I accredit this to distraction. To not using my time the wisest. Damn. I mean I consider myself a proficient, high functioning professional but we all have area of opportunities. Mine was being better with time to accomplish my side goals. I would sit down to work and be distracted with instagram or a team member texting me or an email and sh*t I realized that when I sit down, I need to focus on what I am doing at that time and that’s it. I also realized I need to schedule time to sit down and focus on the task at hand rather than winging it every week. But hey! I think I figured that part out which in itself is a sigh of relief.

So, when I was disconnected I learned so much! That is the purpose of this post. I think it remains important to not get tangled up in social media all the time and to not let it run or consume your life. Yes, it’s a part of most people’s lives and a lot of people have amazing stories to tell, but make sure to get out there and enjoy the real world because damn it’s a beautiful thing.

I didn’t want to get to my later years in my life and look back at all the time I spent behind the phone or behind the computer. This is me being mindful to make sure I am stepping away and getting outside, going on that trip or just shutting down technology for an hour to really soak up BEING PRESENT.

With that said, here are the main eye openers I discovered during my peaceful, disconnected time to myself.

Time can be on your side

The first thing I realized is, WOW, I do have a ton of time. When you don’t have Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or anything you get a ton of time back. Try it out. I dare you! You realize pretty quickly how much time it consumes. How much time you spend mindlessly scrolling or liking those fitness photos (real life example right there, obvs ;)). Time and mindfulness is huge. If you want to accomplish that next goal, achieve greatness or conquer your dreams and your excuse is that you don’t have enough time, it’s your obligation to find that time somewhere.

Everyone has the same time in a day. We all have 24 hours. I’ve come to realize and with some great perspective, I have changed my entire thought process on this. Instead of saying I don’t have time it’s more or less, I refuse to spend time to do XXX because it isn’t important to me. I mean, isn’t that the truth with everyone and all scenarios. It’s not that we don’t have time, it’s more that we just don’t want it bad enough. Really. Think about this one. The ball is in your court.

It keeps me sober

Social media to me is more than social media. It keeps my ass sober. It’s my form of therapy and helps me to put my positive message and energy out into the universe. Especially during times like we’ve all experienced during 2020. I realized how much I enjoy being on the platforms I am on and connecting with like minded individuals. When I announced I was taking a break on instagram and Facebook I received a ton of message and comments, all positive, all understanding. These messages and the reaction of others helped me realize the impact I was having on those that needed me. Damn, that made me feel good. And boy I didn’t realize how many people relied on and enjoyed my posts, stories and videos.

This is a common way us sober folks stay sober, get sober and give back. By helping others. It’s highly recommended because it gives you a sense of purpose, gratification and hell keeps you busy also. People always want to know how you do something and if you can talk them through that or help with support, it can go a long way.

Me, myself & I

This was a great time to focus on my needs and my needs only. You have this sense of privacy and it allowed me to fully recharge. One thing I dislike about social media is getting caught in the comparison game. You naturally compare your life to someone else’s, have FOMO or ultimately don’t feel like you ever have enough. This helped make me see the world and social media a little bit differently. Social media is an app. It’s not reality and sometimes it’s hard to delineate between the 2. Social media, whether the picture is filtered or not, is ALWAYS filtered. People only show you what they want you to see. It’s not an accurate depiction of anyones life. This has motivated me to show some of the more vulnerable struggle times I have because we all go through them. Vulnerability is power and that is what creates character. Mark my word, you’ll see more of this across my platforms. I did start my blog off vulnerability and if you flip back to some of my older posts, you will get that vibe.

Being Present

OMG!!! This was incredible to experience. I mean truly. Sitting in your car waiting at a light instead of grabbing your phone to scroll, you get to enjoy the music on the radio or call a friend to have a conversation. It reminded me of what life is about. Being present. Having connections and conversations with your people. Literally living in the moment. I was able to take my dog on some walks, cook dinner and listen to music and start a new book I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. When I get my social media back, I will be making note to do this daily, weekly, all the time. It’s important to live in real time with the people around you. It was gratifying and fulfilling.


Ultimately, social media can be a great thing but there is a fine line and a ‘happy dance’ with allowing it to consume your life. I think it’s important to also be aware of what you follow, how long you are on it and what you are using it for. Don’t ever let it get in the way of your happiness, your connection with others, your goals and living in the beautiful, real world.

It was also a realization that I was doing or trying to do TOO much I lost focus. It sparked when a friend said to me that I should start a tik tok. I was thinking HELL NO!!! I have a personal facebook, Facebook page and group, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Blog. I couldn’t handle anymore. I can’t even handle what I have. When is it enough? I think we all need to be aware of how many apps we are on how much time it sucks from us. It has made me realize that I need to focus on the ones that bring me joy and purpose. I have made the decision to take a step back from the rest. It’s a fine balance and I’m glad that I’m bringing it to light for others all while making myself more aware of my own personal behaviors.

Set some boundaries. For real. I try and help SO MUCH I make myself available all the time and I can’t do that. Stores and companies have business hours and I need to set some boundaries with myself in regards to social media. I love helping others but it can’t come at the expense of my own happiness and time to disconnect. I think everyone should think about that and take that approach. But that is just my personal opinion. I do think it’s necessary if you struggle with the same things I have detailed in this blog post.

I hope you found value in this post and am EAGER to hear what you all think!

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Make it a great day and believe the day you have is within your control!

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