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5 simple hacks to achieve your wellness results!

Hello, it’s Sam again! I am super excited to talk about Wellness and how YOU can take your health to the next level. Read until the end as I have a 6th BONUS Wellness hack. I have submerged myself into wellness for YEARS and have a degree in the field as well. These are suggestions and tips because you want to know what one of our biggest teachers are? Life and experience! Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Major health issues go see them, not me. I will say everything I talk about I am truly passionate about and LOVE because it goes through this type of process. 1. I do it. 2. I repeat it daily or often. 3. I receive successful results from it and continually do #1 & 2. Simple formula. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

First, a few concepts to keep in mind are 2 of my FAVORITE things. Discipline and consistency. Practice some discipline and repeat these steps and you will have success. You will feel better, have more energy and get your physical and mental state on the right path. I said it once and I will say it 1000 times develop these health habits and create the lifestyle. If you missed my YouTube on my 4 daily habits, check it out:

If you find it challenging to do all five, take one at a time. Start by adding it to your lifestyle and get really good at it. Then you can move onto the next one. See…simple!

Hack 1: Water

I don’t need to spend much time on this. It should be a no brainer! You know you need it. Start your day with it, end your day with it and your body will thank you. Side effect: more trips to the bathroom. Other side effects (these are good!): more energy, better skin, curbs appetite, good for the heart and so much more. Goal: ½ your body weight in ounces.

Drink. More. Water.

Hack 2: Get outside for a little sun

I’m not telling you to get outside and sun tan. I’m suggesting you to get outside for a walk break, breathe of fresh air or something to get that vitamin D. I can honestly say every time I have done this on a lunch break, my mood has gotten so much better. It will make you feel good even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes. Alternative if this isn’t an option (ex. rainy or not accessible): listen to a short podcast, motivation YouTube video or something to fuel you with some positivity. “We are what we consume.” > So consume only positivity.

Hack 3: Add a fruit or veggie

I try and do a vegetable with every single meal, including my eggs for breakfast. I know that’s extreme so just start by adding in a veggie or fruit with 1 meal / day. I’ve also done it for so long it’s just part of my lifestyle and my habits (there’s that H word again!). Give your body some love and try and eat just a little better. Remember, if you eat like sh*t, you’ll probably feel like shi*t. But also, the opposite it true. #blessyourbodywithveggies

Hack 4: Don’t eat too late

Give your body time to digest your dinner. Make a firm cut off time you know you will be able to let your food digest for a few hours. Bedtime is 10? Stop eating at 7. Bedtime is 11? Stop eating at 8. Pretty simple. If you want to take it a step further, avoid carbs for dinner. Make it a meat and veggies dinner with a nice glass of lemon water. Want to take it even ANOTHER step forward. Read my post on intermittent fasting (IF) this is my favorite ‘Go to’ to stay lean like a queen:

Or even better, I created a short YouTube video on IF as well. 5 minutes well spent!

Hack 5: Decompress, destress, & disconnect

We all have stress, we are all ALWAYS connected and if you are like me you are always on the go, thinking or working! This is your reminder to balance out your life. Take 1 hour a day. Hell, even 30 minutes and just do nothing. No cell phones, no tv, no computers. Just spend some time with yourself breathing, journaling, and expressing gratitude. Or better yet. Think about NOTHING. Get in the tub, throw some bubbles in there and put on some music and chill. This has been crucial for me. It helps me prevent burnout, keep a strong mindset and manage stress. A very important key component to this is disconnect from technology. This is your moment to be present in the real world and not behind a screen. I promise you will enjoy this and for me, it’s the true highlight of the day.

BONUS Hack: Start your day off on the right foot

One thing I’ve recently implemented that I love is starting my day with an inspirational or motivational YouTube video. This is of course after my silent morning with my lemon water, coffee, gratitude/vision journal and mediation  How you start your day can help it shape it to a better, more positive day. It doesn’t have to be with a video. It could be listening to a favorite podcast, going for a walk, or doing a 15-minute core workout. Something that is good for you and brings you joy and a sense of accomplishment. For my full morning routine, you can also check out this blog post here:

Now all these hacks seem super simple and easy to implement but it’s up to you to bring a little discipline and consistency and make these happen. I want to hear from you as you experience these successes and start to feel the change! Never hesitate to email me at

One last thing. Start. Just start with 1 of these. The biggest thing you can do is START building the habit and perfect it with time. If you start by drinking a lot more water and keep doing that – HUGE success. Then you can continually add in each thing.

Go get em’ friends and remember this is YOUR life to create for the taking!

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