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Currently in my early 30s, I have a successful career in sales within the wellness and holistic field. I was born and raised in a small, conservative Catholic town in Kansas.  I detail my story and progression with addiction in individual blogs posts, but was a closeted gay man until 25 figuring out how to live in the world attempting to be accepted.  


I battled many things such as depression, terrible alcohol addiction, anxiety, mindset barriers, high financial debt, body issues, balance etc.  You name it, I dealt with it!  You know what I did?  Conquered each and every one of my demons individually.  I turned major problems that could have derailed or ended my life and made them my f***ing super powers.   


With personal experience, perseverance and discipline everyone can improve their life drastically.  More often than not, people are ONE CHANGE away from huge success.  Creating positive, daily habits is the first step to reward and I am here to show you how and hold you accountable.  My passion has never been greater for helping people. I have the roadmaps.  I have the blue print.  It's time to take control of your life. 

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