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About me: 

We all go through sh*t. That sh*t doesn’t define you.  Hi! My name is Sam and I used to drink vodka like water.  I also used to hop in the closet, come out of the closet and then get scared and hop back in.  I finally said ENOUGH!  For years I lived 3 separate lives:  The Addict, The Gay Man, The ‘Straight’ Man.  Now I live a sober, beautiful, gay AF life and will be true to my values and being until the end.  During my wellness journey, my sober journey, my professional journey and my personal journey I have learned so much.  Life is the ultimate teacher.  Through my stories, my experience and my perseverance I intend to provide guidance and help as many people as possible.  I want to help people see past their addictions, see past their flaws and understand how freeing it is to live an authentic and healthy life.  


Welcome to my sober journey & my journey through life – always looking for ways to be healthier in mind, body & spirit. 

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