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We all go through sh*t. That sh*t doesn’t define you.  Hi! My name is Sam and I used to drink vodka like water.  I also used to hop in the closet, come out of the closet and then get scared and hop back in.  I finally said ENOUGH!  For years I lived 3 separate lives:  The Addict, The Gay Man, The ‘Straight’ Man.  Now I live a sober, beautiful, gay AF life and will be true to my values and being until the end.  During my wellness, sober, professional and personal journey I've learned so much.  Life is the ultimate teacher.  Through my stories, my experience and perseverance I intend to provide guidance and help as many people as possible.  I want to help people see past their addictions, see past their flaws and understand how freeing it is to live an authentic and healthy life.  


Welcome to my sober journey & my journey through life – always looking for ways to be healthier in mind, body & spirit. 

The Mission:  To empower the individual & the mind to overcome setbacks, build strength mentally & physically & to reach the end result, the goal, that one deserves.  Create the life that YOU want.

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